Our mission is to enable organizations to
perform at a higher level.


We help people communicate, inspire and lead within a diverse and ever-changing global marketplace.


JC Kole

Master Trainer and Founder

J.C. is an international training and development specialist with an M.A. and an Ed.M. in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University. As an executive coach, he has led hundreds of seminars in the U.S. and Europe, training thousands of business professionals to become effective managers & leaders. He has extensive experience running assessment centers and conducting last-round, behavioral-based interviews. Other areas of expertise include group dynamics and team development, management by objectives, sales and presentation skills.  J.C. is an amateur photographer and lives in New York City.



Here are some of the organizations that we have helped
over the last 10 years:

kole consulting clients

Where We Work

We provide tools to help the manager in New York motivate his team in Mumbai and the associate in Hong Kong influence her superiors in San Francisco.

       North America   -   Europe   -   Africa   -   Asia 



I had the opportunity to know JC as a trainer along a 6-day leadership course. JC proved an outstanding professionalism and easiness in deliver his knowledge. Together with his partner, he created a great atmosphere, stimulating all participants to fully involve and also to have a nice time together. That seminar was one of the best learning experience from my life. I definitely recommend JC as a trainer.

Tiberiu Postoaca
Regions Coverage Coordinator, Large Corporates at Unicredit Tiriac Bank


JC has deep understanding of our business needs and company culture. He quickly grasps the analytical and business requirements for each position, and able to adapt his support accordingly. I enjoy working with JC and highly recommend his work.

Gil Amoray
Global Head of Claims Vendor Operations at AIG


Dynamic & effective trainer in the field of management development Effective & engaging speaker Excellent organisational and team building skills Independent minded, self driven

Jocelyne Rase
Group Health Incorporated


JC gets things done, is very supportive, and easily builds solid relationships with clients and colleagues alike. His professionalism, dedication to his work, and energy make him such a pleasure to work with/for.

Jane Raynandi
Marketing/Branding Professional


Philosophy / Pedagogy

At the core, our approach is focused
on helping your people perform better


Interactive and Experiential 

At Kole Consulting, we  believe that training should be interactive and experiential to have real impact and that participants learn best – especially in the case of core management skills – from skill practice, high quality coaching, feedback, and follow up. 



Rather than didactic sessions we engage participants and give them the opportunity to learn and practice new behaviors and skills in a safe, creative and supportive environment - one that understands the unique culture and challenges at your organization.