Situational Leadership Lessons from Orchestra Conductors

Authority is not enough to make people your partners.

In this amusing yet astute Ted Talk, Itay Talgam (conductor and business consultant) brilliantly employs the leadership style of six great 20th century orchestra conductors such as Leonard Bernstein, Riccardo Muti and Herbert Karajan to highlight the delicate balance between firm control and a free hand that any leader must strike in order to allow others in his team to develop, thrive and achieve mutual greatness. 




Are you Guilty?

There’s plenty of research to show that we evaluate people more positively when we feel they’re more like us. Similarities in experience, attitude, political views, and physical appearance all increase the likelihood that people will ‘connect’ - even if those similarities are hiding weaknesses that make the person ill-suited for the job.

What is the role of unconscious bias in hiring and career advancement? Are we unwittingly hiring in our own likeness? This article discusses the importance of diversity in the workplace, and what benefits we can reap from it:

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Building an Entrepreneurial Culture

Four steps that you can take in order to create an entrepreneurial culture in your organization: this will ensure that your team stays agile and competitive in today's challenging and ever-changing landscape:


An entrepreneurial culture is one that empowers every employee to act in an entrepreneurial way, even if they are not naturally inclined to do so.

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